domingo, 16 de junio de 2013

Fruit4Science is joining Sayansi R4D

What a week! We can't believe the donations we are getting (we will give you numbers soon), we receive news of the expansion of the Writing Instruments Brigade, and now Fruit4Science is joining us! A Spanish resident of Cambridge has started this initiative, as simple as putting fruit in a bowl and asking a few pennies for each piece, and joins Sayansi R4D to add his contribution to research for development. Thanks so much, Pepe!
The adventure has started high in energy and optimism, and the first team is offering $100 for another scholarship to attend the Drosophila workshop that will be held at the IBR in less than ten days. And that makes it 5!!!
From Sayansi R4D we can only say that we have no words to express how thankful we are, to all of you, for every pen, for every piece of fruit, for every "share" on facebook...

You are the best!
 Set up your fruit-saling team and join Fruit4Science and Sayansi R4D

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