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From used pens to scholarships for specialized workshops


Sayansi R4D will donate the 300 euros (400 US dollars) obtained from the recycling of pens and other writing instruments. The donation will be divided in 4 scholarships of 400 US$ so that 4 participants can have easier access to the Drosophila workshop that will be held between June 25th and July 6th of 2013 at the Institute of Biomedical Research, Kampala International University Western Campus (KIU) in Uganda.

More information about the course on theblog

Given the short time left before the workshop, Sayansi R4D has asked the organizers to send the CVs and motivation letters that the participants had to submit to be selected to participate.

Sayansi R4D states here the things that will be valued in the participants profile. Each criteria has a value of 1 point, which will be added to obtain the total score per participant. The association will meet in Huesca (Spain) on the 15th of June to decide, from those scores, who has been granted the scholarships. The names of the lucky ones will be published on the association's blog.

Students and staff of African universities and research centres that have not attended previous Drosophila workshops organized by KIU will be eligible for the scholarship.

The following aspects will be valued:

1 – Being a member of KIU.
2 – Being a student of an African university.
3 – Being active in research (cite publications or current projects).
4 – Being registered in a postgraduate program.
5 – Not having any other funding for the workshop.
6 – Having limited funding for her/ his studies )not having a scholarship or institutional help).
7 – Motivation to participate in the workshop: expected impact in her/ his career (from the letter of motivation)

For any question e-mail the association: sayansi.ixd@gmail.com

And it is to some extent THANKS TO YOU!!

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