"Sayansi" means "science" in Swahili. Education and research are the pillars for the development of a country. Let's help Africa in its development.
The founder members of “Sayansi R4D: Research for Development” come from, or are somehow linked to, a small village from Aragón called Codos. There, where grow what are probably the best cherries of Spain and peaches that, if they aren't the best, they must be very close, our lives were initiated, in one, two, three or four branches, depending of the case. By blood or by contract, the founder members are family, a family that at the beginning of 2013 decided to join under the name of “Sayansi R4D” to cooperate in actions in support of research in the African continent. How did we end up here? Well, one of us, Marta, aka the traveller snail, moved over there in 2012 to try to continue with her scientific career and to put her energy at work in service of the development of Sub-Saharan Africa.
The “Sayansi” project began with a brigade to collect writing instruments for recycling in support of the Institute of Biomedical Research (IBR) at the Kampala International University in Ishaka, Uganda. By constituting this association we want to give continuity to this campaign and create a simple structure which facilitates similar initiatives in support of research in low income countries as well as the enlisting into the troops of “Research for Development” of all those scientists, young or not so young, with enthusiasm for sharing their passion with those who had a less privileged life.

Our Mission

The association will be non-for-profit and will pursue the following goals:

+ The drive, promotion and defense of research in general and in particular in the field of Biology in Africa.

+ To promote education and research on Genetics and Molecular Biology, with no distinction of social status, race, sex or religion.

+ To promote the development of Africa, having into account the relevance of education and research as engines of the development of a country.

+ To promote the celebration of events or activities like seminars, meetings, workshops, etc. about different aspects of life in Africa addressed to the diferent sectors of the academic community and society in general.

+ To promote school and youth activities to spread the knowledge about the most representative aspects of life in the African continent.

+ To promote the coordination and colaboration North-South through the collaboration between universities and students of both sides.

+ To generate economic resources to achieve these goals.

We want to make a dream come true: to educate a generation of scientists that use their knowledge to solve the problems of Africa, because we believe in research for development.
Logo by Raquel

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