jueves, 23 de mayo de 2013

Launch and count down

No, we haven't made a mistake, first the launch, then the count down. We are launching today our new blog, a window to the world a bit more open and versatile than our facebook page. We continue collecting pens, we will tell you again what we have been doing lately, and we will announce our new plans. There comes the count down.

During these months since Marta moved to Uganda, you have shown being extremely willing to help out. Thanks to you the project of the Institute of Biomedical Research (IBR) is now known in many corners of the planet. Marta tells us that they are working in projects with other groups and institutions that, if they work, can mean a big advancement for the development of Uganda and the improvement of the quality of life of its people. Your donations have filled up little by little the storage room with materials and reagents, even brought some new equipments into the lab. The first Sayansi Fellow has seen her research expenses paid thanks to your donations and soon more students will benefit from your generosity. That is why we are going to dare taking up a bigger challenge.

Soon, very soon, in just a few days, we will launch our first big challenge. We have received great news. A very generous person is going to donate a good sum to Sayansi to get it to the IBR. What is better, he said he will give us as much again if we equal the amount with donations, no matter how small or big, from supporters. We know these are bad times and pockets are empty. That is why we ask you, more than anything, to help us distributing the campaign: a lot of people donating a little bit count as much as one person donating a lot, and that is what we are going to demonstrate with your help.

As I was saying, we will tell you about it soon. Stay tuned to your screens.

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